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Campaign "Your motivation for athletes"

Aktualisiert: 6. Juni

In 2024, the city of Roth will celebrate "40 years of triathlon in Roth". The district of Roth, the local triathlon club and the TeamChallenge support this anniversary with various highlights. There will be a gala evening in September, a photo exhibition in the second half of the year, a guided tour or an anniversary film, respectively. As another highlight, the education office of Roth and the city of Roth are organizing a "Your motivation for athletes” campaign.


We warmly invite you to join our campaign!


What’s it about? On the long and arduous stretch of the Challenge running route from Roth to Büchenbach, your motivational songs will inspire the athletes. Whether you record cheers, sing along to a song in a choir, or write a song yourself - there are no limits to your creativity. 


How can you join? It's worth getting creative as your songs and cheers will be broadcast along the running track on race day to cheer up your favorite athlete.

You can easily record your audio with your smartphone and submit it via email to or via WhatsApp to 09171 8526117.

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